Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moths, Flyladies and Gators

We found pantry moths in our cupboard grains, cereal, etc. this weekend. Gross! Unfortunately we have had to toss almost all foods from the cabinet. Our outside bin is already full and garbage day isn't until Friday. Pretty sad to get rid of all that food...

Speaking of flying insects, I am trying to be better about doing my daily "flylady". It's this really cute website that gives you a 15min daily chore to help keep your house in order and minimize the "oh my gosh people are coming over I have to do a massive 3 hour cleaning". It makes me fell like I'm completing a challenge rather than actually doing a chore. www.flylady.net

And finally...Here's my Lil' Gator orange and blue-ified!

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Valerie said...

Albert looks great!