Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, in the last week and a half or so Allie (our black lab/german shepherd mix) has been on edge whenever we go to the dog park. This is VERY unlike her. She was so submissive when we got her that for the first year and a half of her life she would pee a little whenever meeting someone new and we can't even say the words "dog park" unless we plan on taking her because she gets so excited.
The first incident involved an aggressive dog coming over an putting it's head over my lap. Allie would run over and the other dog would growl at her. She finally got tired of this a started showing her teeth/making an angry face at the growls. I got up and moved away from the other dog and that was it.
A few days later we walked to the dog park again. The same dog was there, and barked at us from inside the fence, but didn't come over right away once we got inside. Allie seemed fine until Baxter (my friend Lindsey's boxer who we walk with almost everyday) surprise bounded into her with his front paws knocking her into me. She growled and snapped back at him. Then, she came and laid down behind my chair. Baxter went over and licked Allie's face and everything was fine. About 15min later the aggressive dog came over. It kept putting itself between Lindsey/me and the other dogs and if our dogs came near it would growl. Well, Allie started doing the angry face again and when the other dog snarled and lunged at her she snarled and lunged back and they started fighting! I was in shock, but the second the other dog bit her she started yelping and trying to get away (even though she was bigger). The other owner put her dog in a headlock and wrestled it to the ground. But, it had Allie by the scruff of her neck and wouldn't let go so it ended up pulling her to the ground too. After a good 5 seconds it finally released and Allie was fine physically. The other owner left and we found out from one of the neighbors that this dog attacks other dogs almost everyday.
Yesterday, Lindsey and I decided to walk to the dog park again. I was a little apprehensive, but didn't want one bad experience to ruin going. The other dog wasn't there and everything was ok until Allie started acting anxious. She wouldn't leave my side and kept whining. I noticed she kept trying to put herself between me and any other dog that came over...even Baxter. Finally, two completely harmless dogs came walking up, tails wagging, non-threatening and tried to sniff Lindsey and me. Allie barked and growled at them. The other dogs lost interest, nothing else happened and eventually we left.
Now, of course, a few people have said "maybe you're pregnant", but I know that's not the case. I'm not sure what to attribute it to. I'm going to have Jon come with us the next time we go and see if having her "stronger" owner there makes her relax a bit. We'll see...

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