Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irony and Geography, or not...

Just finished watching Pushing Daisies. We had to record it to watch the 30min Obama commercial. I love recording things because then we can fast forward through the commercials which is ironic tonight because we recorded the show to watch a commercial. That might not be irony (Jon is always telling me I don't use it correctly), but you guys get what I'm saying.

Anyway, Milton from the movie Office Space is a new guest character. This is ironic (again probably not irony, maybe more like a coincidence) because Jon saw Milton aka Stephen Root before the UF football game 2 weeks ago. He parked his car at our friends' house to walk to the stadium. Office Space is one of Jon's favorite movies and after checking the actor's bio on IMDB he now likes Milton even more because we found out he is a UF graduate.

On a job related note, yesterday at school I had to google a map of the US to show one of my seniors where New Mexico is located (he saw a view book for the College of Santa Fe on my desk), that it is not a part of Mexico and that Mexico is in fact it's own country. Upon showing him that the country of Mexico spans from Texas to California he said, "Oh, that makes sense because if it wasn't a different country no one would care about people crossing the border." Good job little buddy, way to make the connection :o)

Tomorrow I am proctoring the PLAN (practice ACT) test to a group of 10th graders. I am certain it will go 1,000 (yes 1,000) times better than last year's which was given the day after Halloween. It was a Friday and almost every kid had a huge bag of candy of which 1/3 had already been consumed before school. It was hell. Chocolate smashed into the carpet, wrappers everywhere and the kids would not have been able to sit still let alone concentrate on a test if i had offered to pay them $100. Tomorrow will be much better.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens! Your incident with that senior frightens me. I'll be the first to admit that my geography skills are not what they should be, but this is appalling. Where do you teach? Please tell me it's an under-privileged school!


AGA said...

It is, but you will be happy to know that the other students in my office couldn't believe he was asking me those questions . They all knew the difference between Mexico and New Mexico :o)