Saturday, November 1, 2008

Go Rams!

Many of you know that Jon is the swim coach at the high school where we work. Last night the girls' team won the district title for the fourth year in a row. Yea! It makes me happy because he works really hard, enjoys coaching, and more than anything wants for the kids to have fun.

Jon volunteered me to drive 3 of the girls to dinner after the meet. They were funny and very talkative (well, one of them was). One of the less talkative girls was the first student I ever gave an ESOL test to. She transferred from another country and was accepted into the IB program. I am the ESOL coordinator at school and really enjoy getting to interact with students who have lived all over the world. It's funny though because most of them are in IB, extremely smart and speak better english than our American born students. I end up doing a lot of pointing to pictures of squares and triangles while asking to "Please name this shape" to future Ivy league graduates and National Merit Scholars. Luckily, like my less talkative little friend who rode in the backseat last night, most of the kids are really great and know I'm not trying to insult them.

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